About Marga
Who are we?

"Marga" is a Sanskrit word and means path of liberation.

Marga is an international association, a not-for profit organisation that, by way of a growing spiritual consciousness in the sense of an inner liberation, wishes to support peace in our times. Marga offers a field that is neutral to confession and political direction in which spiritual development may take place. Marga was founded in 2001 and is based in Switzerland.

With the method Path of No Way (P.o.N.W.), developed by Stèphano Sabetti, we see an essential possibility to implement this intention of supporting growth in spirituality.

The P.o.N.W. shows us a way towards oneness that might be termed "transpersonal" or "absolute." In this unity, peace and freedom are always present. The way is individual, spontaneous and continuous, without external rules, rituals or exercises. It invites us to open up to deep experiences through an intensive learning process. In this way, one may become conscious of attachments, dependencies, false identities or suffering, and become free of it.

Marga dedicates itself to support spiritual development with the following activities:

  • Under the name P.o.N.W. , Marga coordinates and organises lectures and seminars with Stèphano Sabetti in various countries.
  • Marga supports the production and the distribution of media on P.o.N.W. (e.g. books and DVDs).


If you wish to become a member of Marga, please go to the menu Membership & Donation. You are very welcome to join if you feel this is a field which supports your growth.