Heartfulness Training

We invite you

to explore a journey of personal and professional growth with your heart. You know the heart as an important organ of life but are you curious to discover its spiritual meaning? This adventure in consciousness we call Heartfulness.

Heartfulness is the profound feeling of an open heart — of giving ourselves completely — and following its path to our spiritual nature through simplicity and kindness.

Heartfulness is also the fundamental quality that expresses our humaneness in the way we show loving concern for all living beings and the environment as an integrated experience.

This first Heartfulness training will be a synthesis of specially designed body movements, life changing skills, meditative inquiry and expressive elements.

Essential elements of heartfulness:
  • Clearing old feelings that prevent love
  • Protecting your heart from being hurt
  • Being present in dif cult, e.g. professional, situations
  • The challenge of courageous living
  • The importance of forgiveness and gratitude
  • The development of generosity
  • Living spiritual Sel essness without self-denial
  • The practical use of Spiritual Intelligence
What you can learn:
  • Transform pain, anger, grief, greed and fear
  • Speak from the heart, do things wholeheartedly and remain loving
  • Find a balance between support and healthy confrontation with friends and clients
  • Accept happiness as a gift
  • Feel more open, peaceful and powerful
  • Use your heart as a source of knowledge and consciousness at home and at work
  • Transform mental attention (mindfulness) into an integrated body experience of pervasive awareness

Get our Heartfulness flyer here: Heartfulness flyer engl PDF-icon


Spirit of WE

Oneness That Unites Us

In the sea of Oneness all personal, societal and planetary changes emerge from and are integrated by spiritual consciousness – the source of all peace and heartfulness. We need to bring deep solutions — spiritual answers — to our most entrenched worldly problems.

Spirit of WE is a platform for all people, processes and events that support the planetary coming together. This platform is a spiritual appeal to look together at the challenges we face and understand how each one of us can make meaningful changes for the benefit of all.

Spirit of WE is a field of caring and appreciation for everyone and everything. It’s a living experience of heartfulness and largesse. What follows quite naturally becomes a field of generosity. We readily share our resources, our hearts and our caring with others.

Our objectives amongst others are:
  • Build a worldwide community of supporting change and taking care of humanity‘s heritage.
  • Identify and invite personal and organizational earth stewards to become active members of the community.
  • Support these stewards to start their first projects or to run their current projects more successfully.
  • An international and interactive WE platform connecting Spirit of WE.
  • An international WE conference representing the community of WE.
  • A training and coaching program supporting the conscious WE.

Spirit of WE

International non-profit organization
Founder: Stèphano Sabetti
Repräsentant (D): Joachim Armbruster
Phone +49 (0)171 3847046