Stephano Sabetti

Path of No Way

The Path of No Way, is an inquiry into the essence of our spiritual nature, without rituals, fixed practices or external regulation.
It's an exploration of choiceless freedom as we move beyond suffering, confusion and complexity of all types.

The Path of No Way supports the transition from psychological issues to spiritual themes by examining who holds the I-dendity instead of allowing its gentle dissolution. We ask: Who fears the joy, happiness and love which is our fundamental nature?

The founder Dr. Stèphano Sabetti (see also at or facebook-link)

  • Developed the Path of No Way, "Essential Inquiry", "Process Meditation" and the "Middle Course of Confluence".
  • Was inspired by the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, J. Krishnamurti and the 16th buddhist Karmapa (Rigpe Dorje).
  • Doctorate in Counseling Psycholgy, Boston University (USA)
  • Training in Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Yoga, Martial arts
  • Founder of Life Energy Process®

The Path of No Way uses three principal methods:

  • Essential Inquiry (E.I.)
  • Process Meditation (P.M.)
  • Middle Course of Confluence

I. Essential Inquiry (E.I.)
Evolving from the tradtion of Ramana Maharshi's Inquiry each person evolves in his/her own way a thread of personal investigation into deeper and deeper experiences of being. EI becomes with practice an effective method of going beyond beliefs, excuses, images, patterns and fantasies about who we are essentially.

II. Process Meditation (P.M.)
Unlike traditional methods, P.M. emphasizes an "inner knowing" through spontaneous surrender to the Source. In this unfolding, the illusions of body, thought and feeling dissipate into the void of fullness. Even so-called "disturbances" are used in order to become free of distractions and attachments.

III. Middle Course (of confluence)
The Middle Course is an experiential process, state of awareness and lifestyle in which polarities of all types are continually allowed to melt together in one - pointed reality.

Path of No Way