1. Spirituality in a time of change
    by Joachim Armbruster (2009)

    Why do we need a Path of No Way in these times?
    What kind of times are we facing?

    What do we need, especially in times when everything is open? Where nothing – or only very little - is predictable, and when science questions our fundamental view of the world? Economic and ecological crises challenge us. Daily headlines concern increasing poverty, violence and greed, as well as a shortage of natural resources and energy, and natural catastrophes. Conflicts between belief systems shatter our daily life and threaten our so-called peace. The international network and global connections become clearer, and our dependency on one another becomes stronger.

    We live on a planet where everybody is connected with everybody. More and more people seem to become conscious about that. However, we still act as egotistically as before, and our decisions are based on national or personal interests of power. Our own survival is most important, and a united strategy is barely in sight. The discussion about energy and mineral resources is a key issue for the industrial nations, since they have not succeeded in developing appropriate alternatives. No wonder that “the curtain goes down” on several industrial branches. We missed the signs of the times, and nobody is prepared for it – there are no adequate solutions.

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  2. Spiritual Inquiry
    It's About Time to Find Peace

    Interview with Stèphano Sabetti, Los Angeles
    by Katarina Weiher

    (source: Energia 2005)

    K: What is "Spiritual Inquiry"?

    S: Literally considered it's a honest inquiry into essential phenomena in general, and for the specific person especiallly: What is this person in full?

    We examine: who is this person ”X”, who calls itself ”X”. This person knows itself more or less on the psychological level, but there is something else, a more essential process which is coming through the person. Informations or challenges in a more narrow sense might be coming through which are not only relating to this, but in a broader sense are connected to the spirit – as we call it...

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