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Stèphano Sabetti: The One


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Essence Is the Key

The key to spirituality is the depth of its simplicity. What’s more elemental than being and accepting the naturalness of your being? All the practices in the world aren’t as useful as deeply felt surrender. You don’t need to do anything to be spiritual. In fact, it’s the doing that generally takes you away from the simplicity of being. Consider how busy you’ve become – never enough time to enjoy a quiet moment or the love of a good friend. Spirituality invites you to sink into your core. It asks you to slow down, feel what’s going on and become centered in the moment. In this stillness you automatically become more connected with a deeper, more fundamental part of yourself. This is your essence.

Consider that you probably spend most of your time involved in superficial activities like attending senseless meetings, performing social “musts” or maintaining false appearances. When this busyness is stripped away, only essence remains. To be essential means to shift from hyperactivity to a grounded sense of being in which only important things are done. All that is irrelevant or uselessly consumes time is cast aside. Life becomes more important to you as you become more important to your-Self. Your growth and evolution become more relevant. Even true friends feel closer. When you’re essential you see everything for what it is without filters. You understand what is indispensable for a rich and fulfilling life. You begin to see that Oneness is the core of all things, the part of consciousness from which all things come and go. Why leave it to come back to it?

Imagine you had only a few days to live. How much of what you now do would you be eager to continue? To become essential means to live life as if it were the first and last day of your existence – the first because all would be new and the last because only vital things would be important. In brief, essential spirituality is anything fundamental that leads to a deeper acceptance of your true nature. It suggests, do it now, do it right, do it with love and let go of the doing.

  • Do you have clear priorities in your life?
  • Who and what do you have to let go of to be essential?
  • Do you keep life complex to avoid essential truths?


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Joy is the excitement you sense when you’re feeling one with everyone and everything. The pure Self is joyful! Whereas happiness is an inner joy of full immersion in a spiritual path or sacred pleasure free of ego satisfactions, joy is an external happiness that radiates a contagious zeal. Picture happiness as a quiet sunset you could watch forever and joy as a vibrant sunrise that reminds the body the spirit is moving through it. Everything in you says, seize the moment. You want to be of service in all you do. Joy is most intense, however, when there is no suffering – no wounds you’re still healing. Any such residue keeps you occupied and binds energy in the dramas of the personality. You can’t be looking for attention and be spiritually joyful at the same time. Joy is an expression that all is well – not split and unfinished. Transpersonal joy is not attached to ego successes or failures but connected to the free flow of spirit in and through you. It’s a radiant spirituality that can be seen and felt as you show others how inspired you feel.

  • Have you ever been joyfully radiant?
  • Who would you love to share your joy with today?


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Fear is always a contraction against the full potential of the moment and the facts of who you are. Many of these fears have no physical basis but are ghosts in your mind. The more the mind seeks security, the more fear you experience. The more you try to cover up the feeling of emptiness or dissatisfaction, the greater is your anxiety that these feelings will arise and overtake you. Fear is like a virus that breaks out whenever you split from oneness. It warns that a rift exists. It’s of little use to fight fear or force yourself to deny it. This only makes it stronger, especially if repressed. When you’re afraid, you withdraw, further limiting your resources. Only by facing the fear and inquiring into its roots can you move beyond it and back to the calm of Oneness.

  • Admit the fear.
  • Explore its origination.
  • Discover how fear manifests itself in your life.
  • Ask, who is the person who holds the fear?
  • Follow each split back to Oneness