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Stèphano Sabetti: Awake


page 23

It’s a wonderful gift to have a spiritual teacher. The real sage is a teacher of Truth. Their wisdom and heart-felt generosity awakens the soul of even the most hopeless. Practical devotion to them helps realize their work in the physical world. Yet, each of us is destined to be a teacher of certain skills. You can’t start out with this teaching in mind, but over the years you begin to discover what your work in the world is. How can you tell what kind of teaching? First of all, it’s based in your life experience. You need to find out what competency you’re able to pass along. What are you good at? If nothing stands out, ask a spiritual friend. Sometimes they have a clearer feeling about you than you do yourself. Whatever skill(s) you identify, you’ll need to remain a student of the teaching. In this way, you’ll never become arrogant about what you think you know. It isn’t you who knows, but it’s a teaching that comes through you. The more you step out of the way with your personality and egoistic thoughts, the more spirit moves through you. Maybe you’re a teacher of stillness or caring, of integrity or standing for issues you believe in. Your teaching is a calling not a job or profession. Challenge your-Self and enjoy the rewards.


page 28

Sea of Freedom
While most people seek some sort of freedom, few realize that freedom is their nature. Is there a part of you that strives for freedom? Maybe it’s the seeking and striving that actually prevents you from feeling freedom. What if freedom is a space in the heart – an openness to all that is? What if you’re already aware of this space but can’t surrender to it? Perhaps you’re afraid to get lost in its infinite possibilities. Where would the small person hide? Freedom is a tsunami that overwhelms our finite world of personal boundaries and protected zones. It throws us into a transpersonal sea and confronts us with our contractions. In this sea, the I is a floating construct that is fearful of drowning. Holding on to this I-illusion only prolongs suffering. Yet to feel freedom you have to follow the waves of evolution and involution no matter on which beach you land. You need to be taken down to the depths of your soul and up to the heights of the spirit (skying). Freedom is seeing the limits of the ego without criticizing it and being engaged without attachment. How can you be free if you’re still hooked? What do you need to let go of? Take one belief about yourself today and find out how it prevents you from being free.


page 132

Spiritual Love
Love is often confused with being nice or helpful. Yet being nice is only a superficial level of amicability among acquaintances. Being helpful is a social act of cooperation and being of service for some common good. Loving, however, requires a deep acceptance of yourself and others. It implies a going over ego boundaries and a merging on an essential level. Spiritual love helps you to go beyond the pettiness of small irritations of personalities to reconnect with the largesse of the soul. It helps you to keep a transpersonal perspective – to see the larger picture of the soul’s journey on its way to completeness. Spiritual love also means you’re dedicated to helping everyone in your power to get the support they need to evolve. In this expression there are no expectations and therefore no disappointments. Spiritual love means becoming free of all reciprocity – liberated from a need to “balance the books” with your partner or friend. Go beyond the conventional self you’re used to and let you heart become the resource of infinite unfolding. Let the passion for your spiritual path consume you so that even your fixated identity melts in its fire. This is your spiritual destiny.