Report 2

Spiritual Weekend in Denmark, April 9–10 2011

by Inge Sandager

Since 2007, I have been awakened towards adding more being into my life. My husband and I have lived, and to some degree still live, very career-oriented lives with a lot of processing and doing. I often wonder why I decided to follow the path of wearing myself out for money. Probably it lies in my upbringing to "follow the crowd." I have found that it is lonely, cold and heartbreaking to shut down all the compassion that I have locked up inside me. Today I have quit my job and am facing a new career which is in line with my inner values. Along my new path I met Anne Jrgensen, who introduced me to The Marga Society and to the Spiritual Weekend at Udsholt Strand in Denmark.

I came with an open mind, thrilled to be in silence and meditation for two full days. I was, as I always am, a little skeptical about who this Stèphano Sabetti was. Could I learn anything from him? -  Could I trust him? - Was he compassionate and genuine? - Was he spiritual? - and What does that actually mean? - I could go on. One answer to it all is that I felt unconditionally met and connected with, in an honest compassion from one spirit to another. Experiencing meeting another being like this is something I often long for in my daily life. No agendas, no Who is she?, no What can I get out of her? It was just about being here and now.

It is so freeing to let go of the "stuff" that fills me up, whether it is to do¥s or my mind speculating on all kinds of stuff that my mind itself created or is trying to create meaning around. Being at the weekend was like being "one level up" from my everyday life. In the training sessions / conversations, meaning was created around how we all burden ourselves with pain and sorrow, and how this get in our way of living as spiritual beings with what life brings us - we get caught up in our own stories. In moving from our psychological to our spiritual being, we learn to let go of these stories. And why? - because they only matter in the context in which we created ourselves (our identity, pictures of others in relation to ourselves, our culture, and more).

I sat in meditation and wondered: Who am I that... I felt very compassionate and in oneness with the group, not alone or lonely. We all deal with issues that touch our core in one way or another, and during the weekend I got to work on mine, along with lifting myself to the place where letting go took place and I felt free - out of my "stuff." In general I am pretty grounded, so who am I who has "stuff"? Well, I guess no one can say that they do not have stuff, it is part of being human and I am just normal - that feels great to write! I just want more of this that helps me to follow a spiritual path. Not that I want to be "stuff-less," - just more grounded in how I am in life with whatever turns up.

I had moments of literally feeling one with the group: it felt like a silent agreement, enacting ourselves as one - nothing spooky about it, just connectedness. What a great feeling of being invited in, being welcomed unconditionally!

In one meditation I got arrogant with a stone: that stone absolutely could not teach me anything. Then I laughed in silence, and understood that letting go of arrogance was a way out of being caught up in not seeing what there was to learn in that meditation. Arrogance is something I know as a defense mechanism: that’s stuff that I carry around in order to protect myself in certain situations. We all have this, and arrogance is one of  mine. In the spiritual there is no arrogance – it is not needed. I can allow myself to let arrogance go.

I got home with my "batteries filled," well, kind of emptied or cleansed. Yes, it was a good cleansing of "stuff." In the days afterward, I felt lighter and I met the world more unconditionally, as the world therefore met me. That’s what I want for my life. It makes life much easier.

Thank you Stèphano Sabetti for doing this, and thank you to those who made this weekend happen.

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