• Personal Impressions from the Dedicated Gathering on the Island of Mallorca
    A Walk on No Road
    (by Lewis Lebolt)

    As an alternative to sitting indoors and meditating, Stèphano invited us to take a walk with him. A number of us joined him. When we stood outside, he asked where we'd like to go. We stood in the sunlight in the courtyard and considered. "Out," we said.

    We proceeded through the gate, pausing to observe how water collects at the lowest points of the flagstones in the courtyard and sensing what collects at our own lowest points, the holes in the whole.

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  • Spiritual Weekend in Denmark, April 9-10 2011

    by Inge Sandager

    Since 2007, I have been awakened towards adding more being into my life. My husband and I have lived, and to some degree still live, very career-oriented lives with a lot of processing and doing. I often wonder why I decided to follow the path of wearing myself out for money. Probably it lies in my upbringing to follow the crowd.

    I have found that it is lonely, cold and heartbreaking to shut down all the compassion that I have locked up inside me. Today I have quit my job and am facing a new career which is in line with my inner values. Along my new path I met Anne Jrgensen, who introduced me to The Marga Society and to the Spiritual Weekend at Udsholt Strand in Denmark.

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La Palma Madeira Teneriffa Plön/near Hamburg
La Palma Madeira Teneriffa Plön/nahe Hamburg
Plön 2013 Mallorca Jan 2017
Plön 2013 Mallorca Jan 2017